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Modern Fashion for Modern Women

The Trunk Up philosophy caters to the modern woman and what she cares about the most in fashion:

1) Unique, modern clothing that can't be found elsewhere

2) Amazing, affordable prices on everything in the store  

3) High quality fabric and construction to keep your clothes for years

4) Charitable aspect where 10% of all sales goes to the Global Hope Network International

Trunk Up History and Vision

Trunk Up was started in November 2014 to provide unique and trendy pieces to knock your frilly socks off.  

It's a family business based out of Richmond, VA (we love RVA!) where we all have a strong passion for clothes and good fabric. We strive to find the best items for our fashion forward customers that are not normally found anywhere else. Our goal is to find unique clothes, that are never plain. Each item has a unique twist to it - whether it's an explosive pattern, a unique texture, or a sweet design, it's different from anything you've ever seen.

We hope our products will make you smile :)