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Hello Beautiful People,

Isn't fall the best? In this special Style Series, I'll be going over the best fall trends for clothes and what you should expect this season and next!

Fall Fashion 2015 - Colorblock Clothes 

Colorblock was a huge hit last year and will continue to be a hit this year. Not only are these clothes very cute, colorblock items are convenient when you don't feel like accessorizing so much and want your clothes to stand out instead.

Different shades of taupes, blues, and yellows are popular because they add the right amount of color and are flattering to the body. I made sure to grab a few styles for our customers this season and they've already been selling out like hotcakes.

Fall Fashion 2015       

Fall Fashion 2015 - Boho Chic Clothes

The boho chic trend has made a big influence in the past couple of years; the festival craze has really made it skyrocket. Ruffles, lace and Aztec prints are continuing to be popular. They add a romantic and chic detail to any wardrobe, you really can't look bad in any of them.



Fall Fashion 2015 - Turtleneck and High Neck Clothes

A new trend you'll see this season are high neck clothes! Talk about a throwback, right? Turtlenecks and high neck clothing are making a splash this fall.

They're so easy to accessorize and can be dressed up or down. Wear them with scarves, jackets, boots, statement necklaces - the possibilities are endless. 


Fall Fashion 2015 - Shades of Green Clothing

You'll be seeing a lot of green this season, especially the olive tones. Everyone has been gravitating towards this color because it's flattering and can be worn with multiple other colors. 

Wear it with red or gold for an amazing pop of color look, as well as black, white, gray, or taupe for a chic look. It's a versatile color where you can have a variety of clothing and accessory combinations to get more bang for your buck.


Fall Fashion 2015 - Plaid and Flannel Clothes

I'm sure you have already seen the plaid and flannel crazy that is spreading all over the country. Every day, I see someone rocking this trend in a new way.

This country chic look is scoring major points because of its comfort and effortless style. Different variations of plaid and flannel tops, dresses, scarves, and cardigans are everywhere, you'll be sure to fall in love with this style for a while.


I hope you all enjoy all the latest fall trends, make sure to snag your favorites today!