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Dress Right for Body TypeUnfortunately, we don’t live in a world where we look great in everything we put on. None of us are built the exact same and it would be too easy to get dressed if that were the case. However, most of us do fall into one of the body shape categories shown here.  It is important we know what to wear to compliment out bodies instead of trying to squeeze into something that just ends up making us look bad. There are perfect cuts of clothing for everyone’s style to make their bodies look the best they can. First, it helps to identify your body type and then follow some simple rules on the best way to dress. Take a look at the body type chart, identify what your shape is and let’s take a look on how you can always pick options that will make you look your best.



If you are a banana shape, this means that your measurements of bust, waist and hips, are all within a few inches of each other. This is one of the easiest body shapes to dress because the body is straight. The important thing to remember is to create a waist to help give the illusion of curves. Tapered jackets with belts are a bananas best friend. The biggest tip for bananas is to create curves both above and below the waist, giving the appearance of an hourglass figure.


You are an apple shape if you have broader shoulders and/or are heavier around the mid-section. The most important things about dressing your body is to avoid bringing attention anywhere near your waist. Instead, focus on your chest and your legs. Wearing flare jeans or wide leg trousers will help give you the appearance of a waist. Also, an open cardigan or blazer can help conceal the mid-section. The biggest tip for apples is to draw attention away from your mid-section while giving the look at having a waist line.


Pear shapes have larger bottoms, with smaller tops. Your waistline is usually well defined and you have more rounded shoulders. It is essential that you bring all of the attention to your top half, while selecting the right pants for your bottom half. Your tops should be embellished, while also considering the right accessories, such as a scarf or a well-sized necklace. One of the best ways to complement this style is by selecting a dress that brings in your waist while not clinging to your hips. The biggest tip for pears is to keep the attention focused upwards.


This is the body type that most women want to achieve, so if you have this naturally, then there may not be a whole lot extra you have to do. Ultimately, because your top proportions are even with your bottom, your waist line is naturally defined. This is ideal for tighter fitting clothes which will ultimate show off your curves. Select shirts, such as v-necks, to enhance your bust, and try to avoid anything that is too boxy, as it will take away from your natural curves. The biggest tip the hourglass bodies is to not hide from your curves - simply dress them.

August 11, 2016 — Sucharitha Kallamadi

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