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Hi All,

It's 2018 and time for a new post about an item you're going to love! This year, Trunk Up will try to bring you a log more boho-chic and preppy styles that everyone can wear. I wanted to take this time to show off our latest collaboration with Olivia from All Those Little Things Blog.

Olivia styled one of my favorite items to date - The Oh So Soft Poncho in our cream color. I kid you not, this is the softest poncho I have ever had. 

I love how she turned it casual-chic and wore it over a bright red dress and statement leggings. It is seriously versatile and you can wear it anywhere and with almost anything. It's also perfect when you are really dressed up or down but don't have a coat you can use. Just put this poncho over you and you'll be set. 

I am loving this collaboration and just want to snuggle in my poncho now. I hope you all have an amazing year!



January 07, 2018 by Monica Bohanon

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