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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it is essential that we all look the part. Reds, pinks and blushes should be part of any woman’s wardrobe, especially around Valentine’s Day!  Looking your best is not just about looking sexy, it’s also about feeling confident in what you have on. We want to give women amazing and affordable options to dress themselves in these beautiful colors while feeling good and confident about their looks. Here are a few ways that we put these together colors for this very special day and beyond.


Red is the color of passion! And who doesn’t want that this Valentine’s Day? Well, you will have it when you wear this amazing Red Flare Dress! Red is a color that can be worn all seasons to all occasions with no hesitation. This particular dress can be worn in so many different ways, it is a must have to your collection. It would be perfect in the work place with a fitted black blazer, and stilettos and can be worn right through to date night by adding some statement jewelry pieces and styling your hair in a messy bun. If it is for the holiday season, select a white faux fur wrap and add gold as the accessory color. This dress will have you coming up with hundreds of ideas all year long!




Pink is a staple color for Valentine’s Day and here is piece you can wear for that special day and all year round. This Light Rose Dress is for the girl who wants a casual and sweet look. By itself, it gives a very simple look. However, pair it with over the knee or thigh high socks and booties and you are well on your way to Valentine’s Day perfection. To complete this look, it would be best accessorized with a black scarf and long all back earrings. If you want to pair it down for a more casual look, select your favorite of gray riding boots and a gray faux leather biker jacket. Any way to choose to style it, this dress is an absolute must!




A lot of people think pink and blush are the same color. But they most certainly are not. Where pinks can range from neon to soft, Blush is more of a nude neutral tone that has a lower range of colors. This color looks good on simply everybody and can be incorporated in almost any outfit. Take for example this perfectly names Princess Skirt. While the lace blue top makes it look amazing, you can also consider pairing it with a sheer black collared shirt, blush cami, and black heels. This is a look you could take from work to Valentine’s Day dinner with no effort at all.


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