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Historically, lace has been one of the most known fabrics to associate with true femininity. It was worn by royalty, who would adorn themselves in clothes full of lace. From gloves to ruffs, lace was implemented in clothing any way it could be. The use of lace for all things girly has changed over time, not in how much of it we wear, but how we wear it. Think about it. Most expensive under garments are made of lace. Wedding veils and dresses have lace incorporated in them. The beauty of lace is that it is so soft and frilly, and when you pair it with almost anything, it brings a touch of sweetness to the look. Let’s take a look and see how lace be a part of your look, no matter the occasion.  

Everyday Lace:

You want lace? You don’t have to look too hard to see amazing everyday styles that have just enough of it. When paired with a casual blouse as seen here, it makes the outfit look feminine but not overly done. The trick to adding it to everyday wear, is to focus on it as an accent instead of an entire piece which may be overwhelming to a causal outfit. Throw on a pleather biker jacket to give the look great contrast.

Office Lace:

One of the looks that only lace can do is make almost anything look formal. When you select a piece for work, make sure that you are pairing with a cotton or tweed blazer, so you don’t look like you are going to a cocktail party. This sweet peasant style lace back top is a perfect combination of the two materials. Dress this style up with some oversized jewelry, dark denim jeans, and pointed leather stilettos to finish off this sweet look.

Party Lace:

No matter if it is formal or not, lace can make any dress perfect for an outing. When used sparingly, it can bring a level of satisfaction to the outfit. Take a look at this white lace scalloped dress - not only do the colors appropriately contrast, so does the lace.

You also have the choice of going full on lace like in the amazing formal blue lace dress that can be found at Trunk Up. The wonderful part about an all lace dress or top is that you can dress it up or down. You can pair this dress with black pumps and gold accessories to heighten the look, or choose to go with black flats and a crop denim jacket for more of a casual-chic look.  



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