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Accessorizing your outfit can take a simple tank top and jeans and turn it into an outfit for a night on the town. Sometimes accessories are overlooked when completing an outfit, but that should never be the case. Learn to love your accessories and utilize them to their fullest potential. Any outfit you have in your closet you can turn into something new when adding the right touches. Here are some of the best accessories to own and how to wear them.


The matter what your outfit is, you can throw a decorative scarf on and totally bring a whole new look to it. The best part is, scarves can be worn all year round. With scarves coming so many different materials and colors, this is one of the best ways to change up any outfit. If you have a gauze textured scarf, pair it with a maxi dress and matching sandals. The look quickly goes from summertime barbecue to restaurants chic in no time. One thing that you will want to avoid is selecting a scarf that is too heavy in material. You don’t want to look like you are walking around with a winter scarf on all day in the spring and summer. Fleece would be about as heavy a scarf to wear for accessories purposes.


Jewelry is one of the most important accessories that any girl can have in her fashion arsenal. Whether it is high-end or just fashion jewelry, keeping a lot on hand to make every outfit extraordinary is crucial. When pairing together necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, you can take your styles from conservative too extreme in the best fashionable way. Bold or neon colored accessories are best when wearing all black. On the other hand, don't ever underestimate the power of simplicity. A simple stud earning and chain would complement a dinner just perfectly.

Shoes and Purses

It would be easy to say that shoes and purses are a girl’s best friend. And you can never have too many of either. Shoes can absolutely make or break an outfit. Some outfits are known to be constructed around a fabulous shoe. Never underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes and a matching purse to finish off the entire look.



Most wouldn’t think of hair as an accessory, but just like all the other categories, when something different is done, it can bring an outfit together. Generally speaking, we wear our hair in a certain way because it looks good on us. But when we decide to put it up, or wear a headband with flowers it adds dynamic to an outfit. Throwing your hair up in a messy bun will make something a bit more casual, while that same bun, tight and polished can give a more sophisticated look to your entire appearance.


May 06, 2016 — Megan Nikole

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