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We have all heard of the "All White Party" and have felt the fear when you realize you have nothing in your closet to wear. White is such a clean, amazing color (or lack thereof) that can work with anyone, anywhere, and look amazing. This shouldn't be a color you seek out just for a special function, but something that you have in your closet, ready to go at all times. Here are a few different ways that you can make white a color that you are always able to reach for. 

 At the Party: 

An All White Party can pop up any time of year. A dress is usually your safest bet when looking for a solid white piece. It may not be easy to find an all-white dress. However, when you do find one that fits you right, make sure to buy it! You can pair white with a number of accessories, but black and gold tent to be very classy choices.

Summer Days: 

When you hear ‘summer’ you think of a short strappy dress that is light and flows amazingly. You can also add white in the way of a lacy shirt with high wasted jean shorts and sandals. It is so simple but so classic; you will have heads turning no matter where you're seen. Also, when wearing white as an everyday look, keep make-up natural, with maybe a pop of color on your lips. 

Winter Days:

White for winter is such a beautiful look! If you live in a climate that has snow, it just complements the season so well. One of the best ways to incorporate whites into a winter wardrobe is through sweaters or wearing a white down vest with the fuzzy hood on it. This always makes a winter outfit look even more seasonal. The best way to finish off this look is with a sultry red lip. It contrasts the whites perfectly.

At the Office: 

Between coffee spills and pen stains, white in the office can sometimes be tricky. Bringing white to your work attire can be achieved by adding cream or off-white colors. They can be paired with pinks or nudes. Try putting an outfit together with black wide leg pants and a pair of high heels; these color combinations will look extremely professional.

For Everyday Wear:

The most classic white that you can wear in your everyday attire is a simple white blouse. This will pretty much go with anything else you have in your closet. Like these long leg pants shown here, pairing it with a white fitted top will bring this look everything and more. Because the blouse is so simple, keep your make-up natural and throw your hair in a high messy bun for a sweet look.


April 30, 2016 by Megan Nikole

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